About us

HortAlegre is a company that produces organic products with 100% Portuguese seeds, made up of young farmers, producers, distributors, and marketers from 20 to 30 years old, from different parts of the country.

We aim to promote a healthy, nutritious diet without any added chemicals.

Our products are of certified organic quality, grown with great love and dedication in our greenhouses.

At HortaAlegre we list 3 fundamental aspects of the soil, namely physical, chemical and biological, giving life to trillions of organisms that recycle nutrients and sustain life. We not only use modern technology and new methods, but we also use ancestral techniques and intercropping of cultures, which allow the optimization of our plantations without harming natural cycles and ecosystems.

We seek to streamline, optimize, and “think differently” in all areas of the project. Connecting with people aligned with our values ​​and a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is the way. From food to all production, methods, and relationship with the public.

We want to change and re-educate what we put on our plate because our health comes from what we eat.

From the team at HortAlegre, we wish you all the best!

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