About us

We arrived to Alto Tâmega in 2017, more precisely in Montalegre, around Alto Rabagão’s dam and we fell in love with the place and its energy.

We decided to be part of it and integrate the dynamics of eco farming & eco construction, in order to fight against global warming and be responsible with the upcoming generations.

Elected World Agricultural Heritage in 2019, the Barroso Region was one of the 3 European regions highlighted with its authenticity, biodiversity, ancestral farming practices and uniqueness.

The cooperation between Hortalegre and “Cooperativa Agrícola do Barroso” inspired us to use permaculture and Biodynamic Agriculture, practiced with out and inner plantation. Moon and Planet influence are also factors used in our plantations.


Green Education


Priorize consumers health and environment respect.

To produce Local & Biologicaly.

Cooperate with local farmers and distribute our products in our region and further in the whole North region of Portugal.


Be part of the global agri-food transition, valuing the agricultural patrimony in our Region.

Outdoor plantation

Outdoor Plantation on Hortalegre

Green house plantation

Green house plantation at Hortalegre

MemberBeing a member of HORTALEGRE has its advantages

Every year we have the pleasure to offer our clients a relaxed weekend in our facilities in Eco-celtic Park.
You’ll be able to enjoy a full weekend in our accomodations. Whether you prefer our hotel, our tree houses, our Yurts, or even our beautifull water houses right on the water surface.
Enjoy all the activities & experiences we provide. Go out and chalenge yourself by doing something new and living in the wildness.
We have an environmental responsability, by using as much environmental friendly materials as possible for everything in the Park.




How can I order?

Send an email to info@hortalegre.pt to express your interest in receiving our list of weekly products and we will contact you.

Do you deliver door by door?

Yes, we deliver your order to the address you want. However, check if your delivery address fits our distribution route* – PORTO | BRAGA | GUIMARÃES | FAMALICÃO  |  VILA REAL | RIBEIRA DE PENA | BOTICAS  | CHAVES  | MONTALEGRE.

If you are not available to receive in person, we can always deliver it to a friend, family member or acquaintance.
*If your address is not within the distribution area, contact us and together we will look for a solution.

Do I have to pay the transport?

Depends – When you order 20€ or + , you have your veggies at home totally free.
For orders under 20€ we charge only 2€.

In which days do you deliver ?

We deliver every Thursday. We close all orders Monday at 5pm.
Any changes that might occur with your order, we will contact you.

How can I pay* ?

You can pay with what suits you the best :
– cash on delivery
– mbway
– bank transfer (We ask you to send us the proof of payment)

* On the 1st order, we will charge 2 boxes worth 5 €, so we can alternate, or when the order does not fit in just 1 box. We kindly ask that you deliver the empty box (s) when the following baskets are delivered. We would appreciate it if you didn’t leave the box in the rain.

Are all the products Organic-certified ?

Yes, everuthing we have is organic and certified.
Just to notice – not all products come from our garden, as we cannot produce all of them, due to lack of land or climate, we turn to our partner producers, they too
certified. We always try to guarantee local and regional products.

Can I offer/receive a VOUCHER ?

Yes you can ! Just choose between one of our vouchers – 20 € | 25 € | 30 € | 35 €
Just contact us with your request to info@hortalegre.pt or to our contact +351 910 716 999.
You can pick up your voucher at any time, within one year

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+351 276 098 532
+351 934 644 315
+351 915 092 456


Rua do Castelo nº1

5470-524 Parafita


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