At Hortalegre you can order online

Weekly list and until when to order

Our website is updated every Wednesday with fresh and available products
of the week at our Quinta, as well as the weekly sending of the Newsletter.
You can place your orders from Wednesday to Tuesday.

Ordering Procedure

1. On our home page click on the top where it says “SHOP“

2. Choose from our baskets or make your own personalized basket, you can also
order processed products, etc.

3. If you choose the personalized basket, select the products you want (set the quantities
before adding to cart). After choosing, click on “ADD”

4. After completing your choice, with a minimum of € 12, you can finalize your order
by clicking on “CHECKOUT” in the basket at the top of the right side of the page.

5. Fill in the necessary data, together with the payment method and delivery site and you’re done!
You will receive your order at home on Monday, Thursday, or Friday, depending on your location.

Type of Baskets available

Mini € 12 | Medium € 20 | Large € 30 | Customized from 12 €

You can add other extra products to the baskets.