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All products from our farm are carefully harvested by us when designing your order, thus ensuring their quality and freshness. Our baskets are healthy and composed of organic vegetables and fruits
certified, sown with 100 Portuguese seeds in the soil of the Barroso Region
(World Heritage of Agriculture).

We launch 3 types of baskets made by us weekly, as well as the possibility to make your own.

From the packaging to the paper and bags used, they are all made of recycled material
and recyclable, thus reflecting the entire sustainable message that this project involves.

How it works
Select the Basket that best suits your needs and you can even add extra products.
Every Wednesday the weekly list of fresh products of the week is launched. You can place your order up to about 24 hours before the day defined for deliveries. If you want to receive it by email you just need to subscribe to our newsletter!
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