Fun Branding Exercises

fun branding exercises

Everything has a limit if u doing it in efficient and effective manner. To get a degree online, research on the internet to find an online course in the subject you want to study. For example, you might be able to study at an established university that offers online courses for out of state students. Alternatively, try exploring what online universities have to offer. We’ve compiled 21 great restaurant website examples to help you get started.

Helping small businesses succeed is at the core of what they do. So, it makes sense that they often strike a warm and helpful tone across their marketing efforts. Enforcing branding across all your marketing materials might feel intimidating. If this still sounds abstract and a little tough to understand, that’s okay.

fun branding exercises

Then take a poll and keep the top 5-10 that everyone agrees on. These personality traits give you so much insight into the most important aspects of the brand which will ultimately determine elements like fonts, colors, imagery and messaging.

Why Is Brand Identity So Important?

For example, if you’re a security company that wants to be perceived as a trusted protector, you’d want your voice to be confident and reassuring. Many brands make the mistake of diving right into brand voice brainstorming without really taking the time to think about the larger fun branding exercises picture and how their brand voice fits into it. To really hone in and refine it, you need a deep, intimate understanding of who your brand is and what you’re trying to achieve. So, before you gather your team together, make sure you’ve covered thebasics of brand strategy.

fun branding exercises

One of their key qualities is a clean design, and a key benefit isease of use. The company has built up such a reputation and brand following, that it’s able to increase the target to accommodate every “body”.

It doesn’t require bells or whistles like a personal website — though it helps — because a personal brand should be true to you. As Shama Hyder points out in this Forbes article it’s no longer IF you have a personal brand, but WHAT your brand means. End the meeting with a recap of what you’ve uncovered in each exercise and get as much consensus as possible on the key elements you want to walk away with. After the meeting, follow up with an email to all of the meeting attendees that includes the group consensus on each exercise, highlights of the day and fun pictures that you took. Include an invitation to the follow-up meeting, which will be much shorter this time and can be held onsite at your office. Ask attendees to review everything in the email and bring thoughts, concerns and new ideas to the table for consideration. Start with this list , add your own words and give it to the group to choose the top 5-10 words each person thinks describes your brand.

There will always be brands with bigger budgets and more resources to command their industry. Outline the key qualities & benefits your brand offers.

Stage 3: Workshop Day 1

This is where the Elements of Value come back into play. Once you have the elements that your customers care about, you can assign values to each element based on how well you satisfy it and how well your competitors satisfy it. A key part of building trust with your brand’s audience is using a clear, consistent tone of voice with everything you write. Over the past few decades, brands have begun to share their voice. Companies have started to focus on the brand instead of just the trademark, which meant more time and effort could be put into messaging, content and visuals. If people had perfect lives, they wouldn’t be searching or even interested in your product or service. By identifying the reason why they are coming to you, you can shape your marketing strategy to satiate that need.

fun branding exercises

And it won’t cost you more than two 90-minute sessions and a few dozen sticky-notes. Just for fun, make a list of your favorite brands and see if you can answer these questions for THEM — you’ll notice that it’s pretty easy. But when you try to do it for yourself, it’s a little more challenging. If you get stuck, pull in some friends, associates, and customers Accounting Periods and Methods into the exercise, ask them these questions and see what you learn. Fortunately, there are several branding exercises you can use right now to help you define your brand and distinguish it from competitors. See below for ten simple branding exercises you can try today. Click the links to jump to a more detailed explanation of each company branding technique.

Choose The Look Of Your Brand Colors And Font

Ideally, you’ll want a logo that’s unique, identifiable, and scalable to work at all sizes . Your online store’s appearance can have a big impact sales.

  • Maybe you’re a huge fan of Zappos for their intense focus on company culture and customer service.
  • With a competitive landscape map , we can see on a high level the relative position of brands within a market.
  • And that single lever is should guide everything you do to grow your brand.
  • Ideally, you’ll want a logo that’s unique, identifiable, and scalable to work at all sizes .
  • Whichever brand comes to your mind, this brand was able to take a specific position in your mind.

Communicate with them in your preferred channel (meeting, email, Slack, etc.) that you want to do some exercises to get everyone on the same page and find a time that works for everyone. Make sure that the tone of this meeting matches what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re looking to do fun, light activities, have snacks or beer available. If your exercises will be buttoned down and formal, make sure to take the meeting seriously. So how can you get everyone on your team to buy into the brand and provide the right experience to their co-workers, clients, and vendors alike?

During a workshop, the designer leads the client through a series of exercises meant to reveal key insights about its offering, customers, and messaging. Your brand’s story should ultimately make your customer a hero.

The red color elicits confidence in the person who drinks a Coke, while the script typeface is all about enjoyment. Coffee, for example, is a drink you have before work in the morning. Coca-Cola is a drink you enjoy when you’re done in the afternoon. It takes effort and strategy to build a company brand, and the same is true of a personal one.

Exercise 8: Discuss Business Goals And Measures Of Success

This is helpful to communicate comparisons on a broad level. With those grades in place, then you can visualize the results to understand where your brand fits in the landscape compared to competitors.

If you are looking to ramp up your brand awareness through carefully crafted content on your website , use SEMRush for research on competitors, trending content, and keywords. Try the free extended 14-day trial and you’ll be hooked on how powerful this is for brand marketing. This online printing company offers beautiful business cards, stationary and promotional collateral for reasonable prices. You want the first impression for your brand to be spectacular, so order your printed materials here.

Stay True To Your Brand Building

It also allows you to set up goals to track conversion. Analytics reporting should always support the strategic goals and KPIs for your business.

In order for Whole foods to maintain their “niche” of fresh, local, and specialty foods items, they can’t compete on price — and considering their brand identity, that’s perfectly fine. Brand personality is defined as a “human set of characteristics” that are connected to a brand. Brands with a strong, well-defined personality instantly win some like-ability points because customers are able to relate to them on a personal level. If you want to scale growth, you need to master the creation of a brand identity that begins before a customer knows you exist. A solid brand identity can be the critical groundwork for developing customer loyalty and retention, which can be a huge competitive advantage.

Brand content can also exist as infographics, video, podcasting, case studies, whitepapers, lead magnets and more. Most importantly, the foundation piece for your SEO and content publishing efforts will always be your website’s blog. Starbucks is the world’s leading specialty coffee retailer, and their brand has always promised to bring people together. Refer back to your Brand Strategy whenever you need to make a decision about identity or marketing. Your brand should be visible and reflected in everything that your customer can see, read, and hear.

Apply Your Branding Across Your Business

Before you try to define your brand voice, you need to be clear on who you really are. Whether you’re starting from scratch or rebranding, you must have your core identity articulated . This helps you understand who you are, what you do, and why you exist. Only then can you think about how to communicate this identity via your brand voice. It can be hard to put into words what a brand’s voice and style is, especially when you are starting a visual identity from scratch.

People struggle with questions like ‘How would you describe the brand’s style? ’ and ‘What words would you use to describe your brand’s vibe? The following exercises were designed to help net sales answer these questions, to re-imagine the visual identity from a blank slate and to get everyone involved in the process. And your values should be easily found in your mission statement.

Emblem logos are often circular and combine text with an emblem for a bold and regal look. If the design is too complicated, however, they can lose their impact when you shrink them down. But done right, they can play a big influence on brand building and make for a memorable style of logo.

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